QR Codes

Trinity supports a JSON format for transaction information. This information can be encoded into a QR code for scanning and auto-filling of transaction information. While Trinity currently does not support amounts and tags in QR codes, you can add it to your codes anyway. They will not affect the amounts and tags set by Trinity or the user.
The general structure of your JSON object can look like this:
const object = {
  amount: 5000000,
  tag: 'PIZZAPIZZA',
  message: 'For the pizza!'

addressStringYesThe address you want the user to send to. You must include the 9-character address checksum.
amountintegerNoThe amount you want the user to send. It should be in iota (example: 5Mi should be entered as 5000000)
tagStringNoA tag that can be used to search for the transaction in the Tangle. The limit is 27 trytes.
messageStringNoA message that can be shown to the user or used to track the transaction with an internal ID. The message should be shown as a string of ASCII characters and should be encoded to trytes by the wallet.
To encode the QR code, Trinity uses react-native-qrcode-svg. Here's an example of how to generate your QR code in a React-based project with react-native-qrcode-svg using the example object above:
  size={width / 2.8}