Getting Started

IOTA is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that allows devices in an IOTA network to transact in micropayments and to send each other immutable data.

Client Libraries

The client libraries abstract the complexity of the IOTA protocol into simple methods for sending messages and payments, authenticating messages, and more.

Node Software

To join an IOTA network and to start validating and storing transactions, you need to download and install one of the available types of node software.

API Reference

IOTA networks consist of interconnected nodes that have read/write access to the Tangle. You can connect to these nodes to send transactions to them and get transactions from them.


Wallets are applications that store your seed and keep a record of transactions in a database. You can use wallets to simplify the process of securing your seed, sending transactions, and managing your balance.

Private Tangle

Compass is an open-source implementation of the Coordinator, which is a client application that allows nodes in an IOTA network to reach a consensus.

App Blueprints

Application blueprints explain how you can use IOTA technology to solve real-world problems to improve your business models.

IoT Projects

IOTA allows devices on the Internet of Things to use the Tangle as a single source of truth, where they can buy, sell, or simply send data among each other for zero fees.


Streams is a cryptographic framework for building cryptographic messaging protocols.


IOTA Access is an open-source framework for controlling access to resources such as vehicles, wallets, and sensor data, using the Tangle.